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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Speed paint #38

Wednesday's Sketch-ercise... Jimmy's younger sister Kayleigh O'Neal.

Kayleigh is quite possibly the purest little 5yr old you'll ever meet. She's very innocent & incredibly trusting. Naive in nature & very curious, she trusts everything & everyone; which results in her practically having no fear of any sort... A well behaved child, but Kayleigh has never actually spoken a word since her birth "a very late bloomer doctors say", but a short stare into her deep green eyes would suggest otherwise. She has a lot of quirks I imagine... it's always a struggle to allow her mother to cut her hair, so often has it dragging behind her picking up dirt & various objects which end up there as storage; she preferes walking barefooted & drinks milk like it's water... Get's on well enough with people but like her brother Jimmy, a little detached from her peers.

Kayleigh is completely trusting of VIKTOR & can often be found digging for worms in the back garden with him. In fact, the day Jimmy's skepticism of the ADL [Viktor] was confirmed, it was in that very same situation... Kayleigh was in the back garden digging plant holes with the ADL, with their backs facing the house; Jimmy was cautiously watching through the kitchen window, when all of a sudden Viktor's head slowly turned 180º to face him, pausing for a moment then slowly giving a fiendish smirk as the rest of his body simultaneously continued tending the flowers & placing them into the holes... almost as though suggesting the impending fate awaiting them all.


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Tayo said...

i'm thinking kate or kelly something with a k in the name anyway.

i want 40% for my input when you sell the idea. Agreed... agreed!

ha nice style.

... MaX said...

ha. 40%!!? C'mon man, I gotta eat too! Oddly enough, I thought the same thing. She definitely has a 'K' something about her. Think I had 'Bec'K'y' first... 'Kelly' O'Neal it is then!


Tayo said...

ok 39.9% deal.

Ha ha

Kelly' O'Neal that sounds good.