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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sketch-ercise #51

Here's Tuesday 29th Nov's Sketch-ercise... So the theme for that week was "Performance, Acting, Emotion & Believability", but forgot to mention I had chosen to explore this through characters in situ of being shot... "why?"... I guess I felt it'd be a good challenge. Have you every really watched people in movies [particularly 80's/ early 90's action movies] get shot...? more specifically, by a machine gun...? it's kinda like some sort of interpretive "tribal dance"... almost "ballet" when in slowmotion or over-acted, as this re-edited epic clip from "Commando" so exquisitely shows [skip to 1:15 to see Arnie "Matrix" unleash a 100x ultra combo on Benetts ass]. I've always wondered whether stunt-men have training workshops on this sort of thing; like how to convincingly move their bodies to accent the impact of bullet hits etc...

Anyways, I digress, but that's pretty much my reasoning for choosing this as a concept for my theme... to explore the physics of how the body might move & react in this situation; & convincingly capture pain/ emotion in facial expressions & body language.

Here's my other favourite "Ren & Stimpy" scene; this time for the performance given to little Anthony's Dad. I love the slow pace of it & the little personality traits/ gestures given him that really sell his character as this traditional hard-working, authoritarian dad. Watch this opening scene where he has them up against the wall, then skip to 1:40 where he has them trapped in... the DEN!!!

A few more Silver Screen greats.


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