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Friday, 11 November 2011

Speed paint #40

Hey folks! Another week's worth done. Here's this evening's Sketch-ercise... Mrs Betty O'Neal. Wife of Reece, mother to Kayleigh & Jimmy...

Betty is the dream wife of any red-blooded American man in the fifties [& any man now I imagine]. She cooks, cleans, looks after her husband & kids, bakes cookies & always has a pie cooling on the kitchen window ledge; and if that wasn't enough, she even holds down a part-time job of her own as a switchboad operator... Betty is perfect!

Like her husband Reece, she too is unaware of Viktor's hidden intentions, although her acute female intuition occasionally picks up on some of the signs... More and more she begins to feel slightly uncomfortable around him, especially when Reece is out of the house. She once caught Viktor staring at her with an almost sentient look in his eyes... On another occasion, whilst was placing some groceries into the fridge, as she closed the door, Viktor was stood right there behind it. Startled, she gave a deep gasp of shock, dropping the grocery bag which still contained a few items... Viktor after a few seconds staring at her slowly picked them up, placing the damaged items in the trash before then continuing with other duties. Betty later that day told Reece of the incident but only as a passing comment; not enough to flag up as being more than "oh... well, must be my imagination".

Betty still occasionally feels Viktor's eerie gaze on her.


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