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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Speed paint #37

Today's Sketch-ercise... Jimmy O'Neal.

Jimmy is an above average 10yr old kid with an above average over-active imagination [for a boy his age]. He's a well behaved child with lots to say. He has an unquenchable thirst/ interest in conspiracies, urban myths & legends. An intelligent child, Jimmy reads newspapers more than his dad does & collects articles on UFO's & Space travel; in fact, many a mornings as his dad sits down by the breakfast table to read the morning paper, he often opens it to find little rectangular patches torn out... A little detached from his peers due to his interests, Jimmy is sometimes teased at school [but it's nothing he cant handle]. Well informed of the current political situation in the US regarding fear & protection against the communism movement... although to Jimmy, the word "communist" simply means "the bad guys who want our house". As a result Jimmy is incredibly protective of his family.

Jimmy is the only one in the family who categorically distrusts VIKTOR... He is the only one who know's Viktor's true sinister nature, therefor the main story conflict is built between the two of them. Jimmy believes that the manufacturing & distribution of the ADL's [Artificial Domestic Labourers] was a modern day trojan horse from the "bad guys", & that all model ADL's have an activation date to wage war, destroy the innocent & defile every bit of good the American way of life stands for...

He believes Viktor activated first... "it's only a matter of time before the others follow..."


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Bruno Chekerdimian said...

Awesome! Space boy, great character design! The style is so retro, like the 50's style!

Chris said...

Nice finish Max, really liking the shine!

... MaX said...

Thanks a lot guys! Yeah Bruno, gotta love the 1950's perception of the future; everything has an antena & goes *blip blip blip*