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Saturday, 12 November 2011

"Jimmy & the Android"


Hi folks! So here's a final poster-page compilation of all the characters I came up with for the week Mon 7th- Fri 11th Nov of my Sketch-ercise sessions. The theme I decided to go with was Sci-Fi/ Horror [in the format of animated series or feature animation].

Here's the rough story premise:
The O'Neal's are a middle-class Irish-American family based in the city of San Francisco; existing in the mid 20th century period where space exploration, technological advancement, communist paranoia & national security ideals [particularly against the Soviet Union] were front page news.

However, in the midst of all this uncertainty & mistrust, many commercial organisations see the area of technological advancement as a potential not just for national defence, but also an opportunity to improve daily life for the average american family.

Shortly after WWII & the capture recruitment of the genius Nazi German rocket scientists [Operation Paperclip]; as well as serving the US military in the growing arms race, a select few of these men, including the great Wernher Von Braun are removed to work on a new project titled, The ADL [Artificial Domestic Labourer] Program... Leading the team, Von Braun is ordered to engineer & develop a new & totally synthetic home helper... A non-gender, command driven domestic assistant to fulfil all household duties without need of food, rest or sleep.

A few short years later & ADL 0.1 [factory name] was created with full scale distribution & installation into homes across the US within the first year... The O'Neal's are by no means an exception as they too opt in & have one installed... VIKTOR.

As if daily life at that time wasn't already full of anxiety & suspense, things for the O'Neal's from here on get a little more uncertainly... eerie.


And that's it folks, let me know what you guys think of the concept & if you or your kids would [or if you'd let your kids] watch this as an animated series or feature... who knows ; )


***All work featured here, illustrated or written [unless otherwise stated] is under the copyright & ownership of 
Maxwell. A. Oginni. All rights resereved 2011***



Anthony Gelatka said...

Is it mainly Jimmy or is it family based. The name should reflect this as in 'Bigfoot and The Hendersons'.

Also naming convention for characters is usually based on personality. Do the O'Neals kneel to the android?

Should the android be looked at sympathetically as a human? In which case he should be called Viktor

... MaX said...

Good point man.

As a series, I'd say it's family based but with Jimmy still being the main protagonist. Most of the conflict could occur outside the home but what brings it back to the family basis is the fact no matter how dramatic an episode gets, how diabolical an act Viktor commits, as an ADL owned by the O'Neal family, ironically he still lives under the same roof as Jimmy.

I think that irony would work pretty well... sort of a twisted 'Bigfoot & the Hendersons' <--- thanks for that [perfect strapline].

It's a tough one though. On one hand, the family name title gives it a retro sitcom-type feel [which I want], but on the other, 'Jimmy & the Android' flows out better.

... MaX said...

No, I wouldn't say they kneel to Viktor as only Jimmy really knows.

With regards to the android's name, I hadn't yet figured out why he'd named himself 'Viktor'... Just kinda had it in mind it was somehow linked to his dark "mental" disposition... I think he does plays on having an empathic nature though; that's his deception & also the key to the continuation of each episode... No one believes Jimmy.