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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Speed paint #43

Here's last week Wednesday's Sketch-ercise... [done last week Wednesday]. Meet Charlie... he owns a newspaper stand. Has never had a day off & can be found in his booth during the worst of weather conditions, still running business as normal... "One thermal flask'a hot coco + whisky, a can'a'tuna & the latest issue of Popular Science... that's aaall I need!"



bernardo said...

the beastie boys once said
"things get hectic quick"

wow max!
great work man! love the design AND the brush lines.

The Jimmy and the Android art has just become my wallpaper, so contaulations, you've just entered a phase of admiration from you brazilian friend here.

el bernardón

... MaX said...

Ha! And they suuure do!

Hey, thanks el B! Think I've grown quite fond of this guy. I imagine he's the type of old man who consistently has a throbbing vein on the side of his neck from yelling all day at passers-by.

AWESOME!!!!!! As far as I know, no one has ever graced me with such a notion... I am truly honoured sir & I thank you!

Hope you're well man? Been a lil while.