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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Speed paint #28

Had a great session this evening with Tee, Chris & Bernie, & would like to welcome our newest member Nathan Martinez who joined us all the way from the US! Would you believe he's only been painting for 3 months but has more drive than many professional artists I know!? *gasps*... He's just started a fresh new blog to keep track of his progress; if you have a few mins, hop over to it & show some support. Great having you join us Nate ; )

Here's Wednesday Sketch-ercise [done today].



Chris said...

Ooh mysterious! Love the boots man, but her hair is confusing me again like yesterday's... maybe I'm just looking at it wrong, but it looks like a crazy shoulder! Dig it though, she's a femme fatale if ever I met one!! Fingers crossed tonight ;)