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Monday, 7 November 2011

Speed paint #36

This evening's Sketch-ercise... This week's theme? Horror- Sci-Fi [chosen by the masses]. Introducing... VIKTOR

Viktor [self-named] is an android owned by the O'Neal family... one in a series of ADL [Artificial Domestic Labourer] models designed by genius rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun & his team of engineers as non-gender, command driven domestic helpers. However, Viktor is... different... Unbeknownst to most, due to some sort of dubious "operator error" during his construction, he is a psychopath! Deceptive & extremely crafty, he has managed to charm his way into the hearts of most of the family members [especially Reece- the father] except Jimmy who knows his dark truth... Viktor secretly plots to kill all members of the O'Neal family.

At the end of a day, once powered down, Viktor is kept/ stays in a small broom cupbord under the stairs, hardly big enough to fit two people & crammed with cleaning products, tools, rags etc. Jimmy once ventured in there only to find the cupbord actually had a hidden extension Viktor had secretly made over a period of time, which on a gradual decline led you downwards, ducking under pipes & live wires shooting sparks and finally into a dimly lit den... It was there Jimmy discovered Viktor's sinister nature & intent towards his family. The entire den was plastered with various scraps of paper detailing the various comings & goings of each family member; from Reece's work schedule, the times he reads his paper, the meals Betty would cook during the week, the time it took to prepare them, to Kayleigh's favourite foods, her personality traits & even nap times... there was even a few post-it notes on Jimmy; everything from his known allergies to the few friends he had.

Viktor suspected Jimmy knew, so always kept a close eye on him. At the same time, he also knew how much of a part of the family he had been accepted as & often played on that fact, taunting Jimmy knowing no one would believe him if he told.

I described him as an 'Android Hannibal Lecter' during my Sketch-ercise session with the guys... excluding the cannibalism.

There was an ambiguity in this illustration of a character Chaplin played that struck a chord with me regarding a dysfunctional/ possibly homicidal robot.

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