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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Speed paint #32

Today's Sketch-ercise... So this week's theme is a continuation on character exploration, but with the sub-theme "story behind the character"... In this exercise, the task is to generate character concepts for a fictitious animated series. The genre must be a Western & only one character per session... Focusing on the characters background, personality, who he/she is & how they relate to the other cast members; I think this is a great exercise in developing more substance, authenticity & dynamism in your designs...

There was a quote I once heard off either Greg Manchess or George Prat... [I forget] where he stressed, "every stoke you make with a pencil or paintbrush has to mean something, every line has to tell a story"... I totally believe this & try to keep it in mind whenever designing... As I'm developing a character I try to ask myself questions like, "why does he stoop like that? How did he get that lazy left eye? Are his hands this jacked up because he's an auto-mechanic?" & so on... I say "I try to keep this in mind" but honestly I still feel I could push this a lot more.

At the end of the week we'll compile all the characters together, giving a loose synopsis of the series & a short breakdown of the characters/ names etc... by the looks of it, mine'll end up being more of an 18th century 'rogues gallery' haha. Well, here's today's piece folks.


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