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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Speed paint #8

Here's a study I managed to squeeze in over the weekend since I missed my session lastweek Thursday. Had no idea what I was hoping to end up with on this one, except the lighting I wanted & that it'd be based above cloud level. Started blocking out random shapes & somehow ended up with this monstrosity of an airship...
Click image to see in correct size

Just for kicks [purely my own I'm sure], there's actually a little story in this; if you look real close you'll see what appears to be a group of dots huddled together on the far left side of the image... those are smaller ships... you'll also notice quite faintly, the lager ship has a front cannon deployed which is smoking... Just at the tip of the airship, notice something falling from the sky.......? No...? Aaahh f'geddit!  Have a great day folks ; )


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