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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Speed paint #4

Hey folks! Was out super early yesterday morning at the airport [sadly no not flying, escorting] so didn't have time to do my morning session. Made up for it this evening though, so feel I've now earned the right to retire for the day... A little about this quick study: Was doing some research on rainforests this week & found some great images. There's so much beauty & mystery in these places, from the vibrancy of colours, the misty canopies of those colossal trees & variety of wildlife [absolutely amazing]... I wanted to try & capture some of this in my morning study, so here it is. Would definitely love to develop more concepts like this in further detail, although the real dream would be to actually go there & do it in the flesh... On that note folks, I bid you a goodnight & pleasant dreams ; )
Click image to see in correct size.


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