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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Speed paint #10

Here's Tuesday's Sketch-ercise...
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bernardo said...

you're takin it higher and higher my friend!
keep on!

... MaX said...

Thanks bruh!

Yo, how was Berlin? Hope it was fun? I was there last year for the Pictoplasma illustration/ animation festival...

ps: Kreuzberg really is da place to be! Lovely town.

bernardo said...

hahaha yeah, that kreuzberg really left me hanging there! I sure wanna go back to Europe for more drunk-drawings! hahaha
tell me max, how long are you takin' for the exercises?
theyre really amazing me!

... MaX said...

heheh. New meaning to DUI "Drawing Under the Influence"... Don't think I've tried that... I imagine it consist of doodling on peoples faces with a permanent marker?

Yeah man, I'd love to head back there some time. Saw some amazing apartments there actually & at one point was even considering moving over for like a year or two... There's a canal/ path that goes through the town- really beautiful scenery in the summer & looked great for outdoor painting/ sketching; did you come by it?

Thanks dude! The first few were just one hour studies, but the ones which seem a little more fleshed out were about 2½.