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Friday, 7 October 2011

Speed paint #15

Here's this morning's sketch-ercise. Another week done! Hope you've enjoyed these lovely ladies as much as I've enjoyed painting them? However, next week I'll be moving onto 'male portraits'; still within the '1940's-50's Hollywood glamour' theme. Btw, these sketches are actually all in colour, just thought I'd have a bit of fun keeping in line with the "look" of this period... I remember there actually was a point in my childhood days whenever watching B/W movie classic, I did half believe life back then was completely monochromatic.... don't judge me, you did to!

Anyways check out these colour photos of life in the early 1900's... this one's pretty amazing too... I may post up my colour versions later this eve if you'd like to see those too?



bernardo said...

yeaaaaaaah change of topics means EVOLUTION BABY!!!!!

... MaX said...

Ch'eeeaahhhh! Right oooooon B!

Z!N said...

How much time do you spend on each painting. I'm considering setting up a countdown clock to loosen myself up more and churn out some more expressive pieces.

AWESOME work, by the way. Love it!!

... MaX said...

Thanks so much dude! I spend about an hour to an hour & a half on these sketches, just enough to get a decent render down & some lighting... For this level of detail, I think it's just about the right amount of time for a good exercise on 'speed'.