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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Legends of the American Old West" Art Book!

Hi folks! I've been meaning to mention for some time now that I was invited my by my friend Mike Collins to be a contributor on a globally collaborative art book he's bringing out within the next month!

A great little project where Mike "rounds up" a bunch of artists from around the world to participate under a chosen theme. There have been two books so far; the first was in 2010, titled "Monster Mythos" (a book about folkloric monsters) & the second which was printed 2011, titled "Deus Libris" (a book about gods and goddesses from myth/legend). More info here.

This year's theme is "Legends of the American Old West!" & I have to say, I'm excited to have been invited to be a part of it. There are some amazing artists contributing to the book & already I've seen some fantastic pieces submitted! (here are a few)

Ok, so by the time I came on board with the project, a lot of the most popular Wild West legends had been grabbed already so I had to find one QUICK!!! Whilst brushing up on the very little I knew of 18th century Western American history (as opposed to just sitting at home watching John Wayne & Clint Eastwood movies), I came across some really interesting historical figures... The one in particular that stuck with me was Miss Myra Maybelle Shirley... better known as Belle Starr (The Bandit Queen). Here's her wiki bio.
I've spent the past few hours working up a few concepts & I think I've settled with something, but I'd like you guys to let me know which you prefer. I have 4 versions of the same image with a few minor differences in her accessories; Once I post up the images, let me know which one you think looks best by commenting on the image. Here's a link to my FaceBook Art Page where you'll find the 4 versions shortly.

Cheers guys!


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