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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day #03...

Ok, here's day 03's WIP. Threw in the guy's shirt & tie, & fleshed out the "broad"'s hair, outfit & a little work on her legs... So far, really pleased with the shape it's taking.

My palette hasn't quite been an exact match of my colour study, but at the same time it hasn't deviated so far as to mess up values etc... One thing I've found that has surprisingly been more helpful than I had anticipated in making this transition from digital to traditional, has been my understanding of painting in Adobe Photoshop... I work with a very painterly technique/ look in PS; from the way I blend my colours, to adjusting the wetness, load, mix & flow sliders in order to simulate techniques used when painting traditionally... & I can definitely say it really has helped! I'll save going into the details for now since I'm not actually finished, but I think it's more to do with the fact that working digitally frees you up to make mistakes quicker, knowing you have the luxury of easily correcting them... Depending on your process of painting in PS, I really believe this helps you learn faster & become bolder in your decisions, paint stokes & mark-making.

In terms of anything else, I'd say the biggest battle I have is with the drying time of the paint. I'm using acrylics, & though I suppose this could be a good thing, in forcing me to work faster/ make quicker decisions, at this stage it's drying a little too fast for me... [Note to self: "pick up paint retarder before moving onto the background"...  Let me know what you guys think!



I forget what gave me the idea to throw this in [most probably accidentally
getting a dot of white paint on the dress], but I decided to give the girl's dress
a little more detail & texture by adding lighter values as dots, to suggest
the dress being made of some sort of sequence fabric. 

A little more work to do on her hair...

My palette at the end of this session...


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