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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"SketchCrawl" (January 21st 2012)

Hi all. So last weekend I took part in my first "Sketchcrawl"... for those not familiar with the event (as I was till a couple weeks ago) hop over to the official site for more info... Basically though, it's a specific set of dates throughout the year where groups of artists all around the world, in their various cities, venture outdoors (off their computers) & sketch for an entire day! Last Saturday was the first "Crawl" of 2012. The group I joined collectively decided to visit the British museum. If you haven't been in a while or never have (period), you MUST go visit!

I had a great time & met a bunch of very cool/ super talented people... in fact, I had such a great time I only ended up with these few sketches due to talking too much... Here's to a fun day out

BTW: If you're a london based artist (professional or hobbyist), come join up with this Sketchgroup I've just recently become a part of over on FaceBook.


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