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Saturday, 19 March 2011

SketcHHousE 'POWER HOUR' [Week: #06]

The ONE painting I had time to do during the week [at the very bottom]... Decided to spend a little more time to flesh things out on this one [although it's still really a sketch], since I only had time for one session this week. Really trying to think about the many ways light behaves & interacts with objects;
how & when shadow is cast, the subtle effects of 'bounce light' [& or refractions], using varied tones to generate depth/ distance etc [so much to think about]. There's a lot more going on out there than seems at first glance & it blows my mind just thinking about it!
[Life really is a Blessing]

Guide sketch

Fill layer

Pin pointing direction of light source

Fleshing out highlights

Adding extra tone for depth

A little bounce-light & secondary light source added... Fin


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