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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

SketcHHousE 'POWER HOUR' [Week: #05]

OK, so this post comes a few days late due to outside work taking over my life but here's last weeks batch of studies. We've now moved over to shadow & lighting as a theme, which is something I always love to explore & experiment with given the opportunity.

Just to name a few personal sources of inspiration I have on this subject matter: I've always loved the overly dramatic style of lighting found in early Film noir movies & film posters of the 1950's [more & more I find myself leaning towards this direction in personal work]... Also, a few preferred artists [comic mainly] I've long been in awe of for their unique take on lighting contrasts are, Simon BisleyFrank FrazettaMike Mignola & of course Frank Miller... & as I feel the sudden need to yell out, "Yeah yeah, I know, typical"... well 'typically' these were some of the guys who's styles captivated me as a young comic-obsessed teen... what can you say, they did it well.
All in all, I'm looking forward to exploring this topic further over the next few weeks so stick around & let me know what you think.


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