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Saturday, 26 February 2011

SketcHHousE 'POWER HOUR' [Week: #03]

Well here's my lot for week three's early morning warm-up sketches: 'PERSPECTIVE'.

I absolutely love the challenge of drawing in perspective! Throwing myself in the deep end & attempting some insanely warped or just plane difficult angle must be a 'high' for me [the times I get it right that is]... Having to sit there racking your brain, putting memory muscle into overdrive in order to work out how an arm, rib cage, muscle tendons, >buttock< or other body parts would look & react to being stretched/ contracted for a particular pose... I'm pretty sure I've come close to giving myself a nose bleed! [I'm sure this is a good thing]

The 1st image was still 'dynamics' but the rest following on are 'perspective' based. The 1st two days [image #2 especially] were pretty bad but think I started warming up to it by Wednesday's sessions... [see what you think anyways]


Enjoy your weekend Folks!


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