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Friday, 11 February 2011

SketcHHousE 'POWER HOUR'!!! [Week: #01]

Hey all! Hope everyone's had a nice week? or if not quite nice, hope you have something exciting lined up as a treat for the weekend = )

This week has been great! & no I didn't win the loto [I live a less complicated & happier life than that]; no, I've managed to discipline myself enough to get up SUPER early in the mornings to spend a solid hour sketching to 'warm up' for the day...... of course when I say "super early", I REALLY just mean 7am.......... & when I say "discipline myself", I ACTUALLY mean with the help of two good [fellow artist] friends of mine.

We basically agreed it'd be a good idea for us to meet online each morning [via Skype] & spend an hour sketching together. [The outline] is to give ourselves two to three themes we'll focus on each month [to get the most we can out of them without spreading ourselves too thinly].... This being the inaugural week, we decided to kick things off with a theme of 'Dynamic Poses'... [Join in].

I have to say though, aside from the burning of my eyes getting up as early as that [to sketch!?!?]... it's AWESOME! It's gratifying artistically & from a self discipline standpoint [try it!].... Now I think about it, it's actually really more of a ["support group"] than anything else... I dunno, you decide. Here are a few of my sketches to help formulate your answers:

Have a great weekend people!


Bernie Liumako said...

A great start Max, I hope we continue this for more days to come and get more folks to join us every morning. It definitely is a blast!

Tayo said...

what a great idea!

Is it at 7am for an hour and 10pm for an hour on skype ?

man i'll see you there. Great drawing by the way