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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sketch-ercise #66 #67

Hi guys! Sorry for these sporadic posts these past few weeks; work's kinda heating up now, so organisational skills are ferociously being tested! I'll try to get back to the "dailies" as much as I can...

On another note, I now have a LiveStream Channel! I've done one or two streams just to "test the waters" etc, but I'll now officially be Streaming during some of my sessions, so please do come join me for a doodle; you'll get to meet some of the other guys who sketch with me, interact via the instant messenger chatroom + listen in on some of the crazy topics that get brought up... this week I learnt more about rats than I ever wanted to know... (((shudders)))... Tune in at http://www.livestream.com/maximajination...

Here's this week's Sketchercise sessions I had time to do...


Oh, btw IT'S SNOWING here in ol' London Town (pretty much same timing as last year)...  I'm off out to declare war on local youths! (wish me luck)


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