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Friday, 26 August 2011

Random 'Adventure' themed sketch...

S'up y'all! Ok so currently working on my next VMPV [the last two in case you missed them, 'TERROR' & 'MORLOCKS']; but I'm also doing a few smaller projects [exercises really] in between just to keep creativity & discovery flowing... I'll make a little post & fill you in on what my next poster will be based on but for now, here's a little piece I started working on the other day. Going as planned so far, so hopefully I can carry the rest through in the same direction.

Ah, almost forgot to add I'm actually trying a different technique here to what I'm normally used to. I'm working monochromatically to begin with, then adding colour after. I'm sure many of you are very familiar with this method but I've actually never tried it... I'd come close, but then as my very impatient brain can be at times, it would all of a sudden begin calculating colour combinations & ideas; next thing you know, I've thrown a bucket of red paint over the entire thing & dabbing away at colours like an overexcited 6yr old >=D

Anyway, for those who don't know, this process is to help establish your *Tonal Values* right from the get go before jumping in with colour [which is incredibly important]... There are various ways to go about adding colour once values are established but I think this totally makes sense [as one good option].

I've seen a lot of videos & heard a lot of people encourage the use of this technique; so far for me it's definitely working. For those who are a little unsure of how to go about it, here's a little crash course I came across by the talented Dave Rapoza... Another vid that's worth checking out is this one by Marco Bucci; a slightly different approach but more or less he does mention these same principals at 02:50.

Happy painting!
Ps: & this was supposed to be a short post = O



EXHIBIT said...

Even when it's unfinished, you have managed to capture the gesture so beautifully in the brush strokes, it looks fantastic. Again I understand that you are a busy man so I am even more amazed by your entry. *bow* :D

you tha man!

... MaX said...

Thank you bro! *humbly bows back*

No, you tha man!