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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Seasons Greetings...

***Merry CHRISTMAS to ALL, & to YOU ALL, a very Merry CHRISTMAS*** 
So in the spirit of this season, I'll be giving away ***3*** of my Faux Movie-Poster Prints (A2) tomorrow; FREE DELIVERY/ FREE SHIPPING!!! Stay tuned, by heading over to my FB Page to find out how you can grab one ;)

Lots of Love, Joy, Peace 'n' Good vibes, y'all.
God bless,




Tayo said...

I really like this Max.

Made me laugh when i saw it.

Pucker Up ladies. Ha ha

looking forward to seeing more.

MaX said...

Haha. Thanks Tee... Think I must've 'literally' have been drunk with the Christmas spirit when drawing this.